Satan's Trojan Horse: God's End-Time Victory
Satan's Trojan Horse: God's End-Time Victory
By Norman R. Gulley

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Eons ago a revolt broke out. . .

in the throne room of heaven against the King of the universe. To understand the issues involved in this conflict is to have a road map to the future.

Expelled from heaven, Lucifer kidnapped Earth. This book reveals his dark plans for this planet. It demonstrates the cosmic terrorist’s behind-the-scenes strategy from Creation through the cross, the Crusades, and down to the events of September 11, 2001, that changed the world and catapulted America into unprecedented global leadership, where it is poised to fulfill its prophetic role in last-day events.

Showing how Bible prophecy explains the history of the past 2000 years, Norman Gulley wrestles with such thorny topics as the problem of evil, the theory of evolution, God's foreknowledge versus human freedom, and atonement. He exposes Satan’s Trojan horse strategy to separate mankind from Jesus, the ultimate deliverer, and shows how we can confidently survive the last days only by clinging to Him.