Sarah Lee and a Mule Named Maybe
Sarah Lee and a Mule Named Maybe
By Heather Grovet

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"Please God, " I whispered. "Not another moose. I couldn't stand another moose." I reached forward to pull on Auntie Teresa's coat, but it was too late. The growl erupted into an enormous roar. I glimpsed something dark racing down the path straight toward us. It threw itself into the air and banged into my chest, knocking me to my knees. I let out a horrible scream. Maybe is a big gray, mule who wins races and Sarah Lee is a big-and-tall 12-year-old who's not happy with her size. Her family is headed for the Canadian Rockies for a trail ride. She prays: "Dear Jesus, please keep us safe tomorrow. I don't want to be chased by a cougar or a bear. And Jesus, please make me a different person--someone who isn't fat. Amen." When Maybe and Sheba, Mom's snow-white Arabian horse, are spooked by a crash in the underbrush, they disappear, leaving Sarah and Mom stranded in the woods. Now what? "God, please take care of Maybe, " prays Sarah. As they hit the dusty trail, Sarah Lee learns a few things about mules. And prayer. And self-esteem. And why God lets bad things happen. And how much she has to be thankful for.