Prince: The Persnickety Pony That Didn't like Grown-Ups
Prince: The Persnickety Pony That Didn't like Grown-Ups
By Heather Grovet

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Book #8 in the "Julius and Friends" series

A horse with an attitude!

Janelle Wilson had been praying for a pony for years. But Prince was anything but charming! He could be sweet one minute, and really stubborn, mean, and miserable the next. Prince was persnickety!

Janelle prays for Prince all the time--especially that they will win a ribbon at the fair. But it doesn't seem like Jesus is listening! The big test, though, is when Prince must return to his home at the end of the summer. Will Jesus listen to her prayer to let her keep her pony?

Children will love reading about the persnickety pony that didn't like grown-ups. As they do, they'll learn about caring for horses and get a better understanding about prayer and why God doesn't always answer as we wish. But don't worry, there's a surprise happy ending!