Precious Harvest
Precious Harvest
By Helen K. Oswald

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The rest of the story...
The book the Kiehlbauchs purchased from a
colporteur at the turn of the century has influenced
more lives directly or indirectly than anyone can
ever estimate.
Helen Kiehlbauch Oswald wrote the story that
began on such an ordinary day on a farm near
Tripp, North Dakota. The story, begun in That
Book in the Attic, was first published in 1939.
The author has been asked time and again, “What
has happened through the years to the other
members of the Kiehlbauch family?” and Helen
will tell you—with a smile lighting her face—that
only time will tell the whole story. But Precious
Harvest tells how her brothers and sisters and
their children, and yes, others for whom she and
her husband, Emil, labored during the years have
been blessed and their lives changed by a book
hidden in an attic so many years ago.