Peter: Fisher of Men
Peter: Fisher of Men
By Noni Beth Gibbs

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“Who do the people think I am?” Jesus asked.

The disciples were afraid to say. Most people thought He was a good man—maybe even a prophet. Jesus was silent a long while, then asked, “What do all of you believe? Who am I?”

There was an embarrassing pause. None of them knew what to say, for all of them had doubted Jesus at one time or another. Then Peter remembered how it felt to have the turbulent waves pass over him and his relief as Jesus’ hand grasped his and pulled him up to walk on the sea once more. Humiliated though he had been, his faith had never been stronger than at that moment, and now he felt compelled to speak. “You are our Redeemer—the Son of the living God!”

Peter is the disciple that most of us can relate to. He had his ups and downs. At times he was brave and at other times cowardly. He had problems at home. He had problems at work. He was human. He didn’t become a great disciple overnight.

Author Noni Beth Gibbs portrays the disciples’ spiritual growth in the context of spiritual warfare.  As you read this companion book to Malchus, you will eavesdrop on the demons and angels who are competing for Peter’s soul.

At every moment the war is going on around you, too. When you pray, things really happen. Maybe you don’t see them, and maybe you don’t know, but all heaven will respond if necessary. By faith you can combat the forces that are set against you. Bit by bit, you, too, can grow strong in faith, hope, and love.