My Two Worlds
My Two Worlds
By Alice Princess Msumba Siwundhla

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When Alice Princess was a child, living in the African bush in a mud-and-grass-thatched hut with her grandmother, sister Tillie, and baby brother Camie, she felt almost instinctively that someday life would offer her something more than superstition, fear, and disease. But never in her most imaginative dreams could Alice's young mind have pictured the fantastic road that she would travel or how far that road would take her--in miles and in achievements. 

In My Two Worlds, Alice writes simply and honestly, with wit, intelligence, and sympathy. She tells of fearful confrontations with hate and prejudice and describes her own painful efforts to adjust to student life, her increasing understanding of the problems of black Americans, and her constant efforts to offset problems and disappointments with hope and love. 

My Two Worlds reveals that a person does not need to hate when he can love and illustrates that "no one is lost to the sight of God."