My Enemy, My Brother
My Enemy, My Brother
By Helen Heavirland

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It was anything but quiet on the Russian front . . .

"Here we were—young men who had nothing against each other; frontline soldiers drafted to do a job we didn’t want; shooting at each other, killing each other, not because we wanted to . . . but because someone hundreds of miles away ordered it.”
Georg Grellmann grew up in Germany between World Wars I and II. An adventuresome boy, he learned early about prejudice and disappointment. Finally, a gold medal and a scholarship promised to put his dreams within reach.

Then World War II exploded. At nineteen, Georg was drafted into the army infantry, assigned to the Alsace-Lorraine Double Cross Division, and shipped to the Russian front. A more seasoned comrade advised, “Just do what you have to to try to survive.” He did. But staying alert and alive didn’t solve all his dilemmas.

World War II stole Georg’s youth, his idealism, his university scholarship, his fiancée, even his freedom.

How do you deal with the guilt of surviving . . . when you’ve left the bodies of so many of your buddies scattered across countless battlefields? How do you face God when you’ve been a part of the killing? How do you face yourself? How do you learn to trust after you’ve been betrayed?

With candor and humor, My Enemy, My Brother takes the reader beyond politics, to the heart of a young man.

Out of this true story of great tragedy and triumph is born hope for every reader.