Mary: Call Me Blessed
Mary: Call Me Blessed
By Patty Froese Ntihemuka

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A baby changes everything.

Especially when that baby is the Messiah.

Nobody believed Mary.


She claimed that the baby she carried was Godís Son. Her outraged family quite naturally assumed that the father was her betrothed, Joseph. He, on the other hand, was devastated by the thought of his beloved with another man. And it didnít actually matter to the villagers who the father wasóthis juicy morsel of gossip was viciously satisfying.

Nobody in Nazareth cared that their ancient Jewish prophecies foretold the Messiahís virgin birth. An unwed mother was, well, an unwed mother. And they didnít trust her blasphemous tale. That self-righteous girl would invent an outrageous story to disguise her sin. Never mind their own sins, she was guilty. She deserved to die.

Ah yes, Maryís unborn child changed everything.