It Did Happen
It Did Happen
By Enid Sparks

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Introduce your children to a time when life was simpler and technology didn’t intrude into every part of the day.


Ellen was in the yard.  She looked across the road at some horses.

“Oh, I wish I had a pony, for I want a good, fast ride,” said Ellen.

Ellen did not know that Father was there.  He said, “You may have a pony someday soon.”

At last the happy day came when Father came home with a pretty brown pony. When Ellen saw him, she said, “I will call him Pony Boy.”

The next day Mother had to go to town for something to eat.  Ellen was glad to stay with Baby Billy.  When he went to sleep, she read a book.

Ellen thought, “I wish I could go ride on Pony Boy.  But I must do what Father said for me to do.”


Your early readers will love these classic, true stories, originally published in 1961.  Thirty-nine total stories featuring life on the farm and in the home, stories about friends, pets, and wild animals, and stories about the Sabbathwill educate while they entertain.  Along the way, kids will learn important lessons about honesty, prayer, obedience, faith, and love.