By Ernest Steed

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Brian started toward the screen door, their defense from hordes of mosquitoes. He pulled the door open.

The next instant—it was as if lightning struck—he felt a walloping thud on his back with an intense stab of pain in his chest, as he was knocked violently to his hands and knees. He heard the door slam shut, and Kaliauae suddenly emitting piercing screams in the night.

Brian felt his chest and back, and called desperately to Valmae, “Quick, honey! I’ve got a spear right through me!”

Throughout the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, young men and women have left their homes and families to travel to distant lands and share their faith. Each of these missionaries sacrificed comfort and security to serve the Savior they loved. Impaled is the fascinating story of a young married couple, Brian and Valmae Dunn, twentieth-century missionaries to the South Pacific island of Malaita. They made the ultimate sacrifice so that others could have eternal life.