I Heard Singing
I Heard Singing
By Molly Rankin

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Like all other societies, Angawon’s tribe has beliefs, superstitions, and customs that make up its way of life. The women sleep in the same buildings as the pigs. At sing-sings the men wear fancy wigs, made from the hair of enemies they have killed. And everyone worships the spirits. 

When Angawon hears beautiful music coming from the Seventh-day church, she decides she wants to be able to sing that way. I Heard Singing is not just the conversion story of a little girl. It is the chronicle of how her family confronts and deals with change—change so basic that it threatens their very way of life. 

Read what happens when Angawon refuses to eat pig, when she and her mother will no longer sleep with the pigs, or worship the spirits of the dead. 

Follow Angawon and her family through the pain and joy of change and find that larger, more fulfilling life Christianity brought to them.