How To Think About The End Time
How To Think About The End Time
By Marvin Moore

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Avoid the trap of end-time hype and disappointment

Ideas and speculation about the end times abound. Some of these ideas reflect ways of thinking that are detrimental to our spiritual well being and could result in more disappointment and a shaking of our faith. Pastor, author, and Signs of the Times editor Marvin Moore says, "Itís imperative that we have a correct understanding of the prophecies. Because if we donít, we will misunderstand the fulfillment of those prophecies even as we live through the events that fulfill them."

In How to Think About the End Time, Elder Moore will share his thoughts on:

    • What constitutes a valid sign that the final crisis and the second coming of Jesus are really near? How can we know what is and what isnít a sign?
    • If Sunday laws are to be a key issue in the final conflict, why arenít they widely enacted and enforced today?
    • What should be our attitudes towards Catholicism today?
    • Does our teaching about the time of trouble have to be so scary?
    • Are Adventists this "remnant" that will withstand the forces of evil during the final crisis, and what does it mean if thatís true?
    • And more.

Moore insists that "this is not a book to tell people what to think." Rather it is an appeal for how to think about the end time in ways that are balanced, scriptural, and free from unfounded sensationalism.