Getting It Right
Getting It Right
By General Conference

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Here’s the youth ministry resource

you’ve been waiting for!

We searched the world and found 40 experienced youth ministry mavens who are passionate about leading young people into the kingdom of God. We combined their expertise in this volume so that you could have the most comprehensive, concentrated, provocative, informative, power-packed resource ever published by your church.

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions by youth leaders. Tap new resources for global youth ministry. Discover new models of leadership. Learn how to strengthen youth programs in your local church. How to recover backslidden youth. How to motivate. How to do youth evangelism. How to transmit biblical values. How to minister to divorced people and young singles. Crisis counseling. Communication. Camping. Nature programs. Sports. Small groups. Missions. Health. Current social issues. And much more.

With hundreds of new ideas, this how-to handbook will transform your business-as-usual approach to youth and re-energize your ministry for the new twenty-first-century generation.