Follow Me
Follow Me
By Miroslav M. Kis

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Are You a Disciple of Jesus--Or Just a Fan?

A disciple follows. But how do we "follow" someone we cannot see? With his sensitive sketches of the people whose lives were transformed when they met Jesus, Miroslav Kis gives us new eyes. Donning cloak and sandals, we walk with Jesus through His world, watching as He transforms it heart by heart. We learn from Him how to transform our own world while avoiding Satan’s minefields of materialism, sensuality, and pride.

Kis explores the radical implications of following Jesus: perseverance in prayer, freedom from rivalry, serving the weak and helpless, watching our lives with diligence, courage in the face of despair, loyalty to those who need us, taking risks outside of our comfort zone, trust, rejoicing in the advancement of others, readiness to obey, leading others to Jesus.

By studying the life-transforming grace of the Carpenter of Galilee, we learn what it means to be a disciple of the One who said, "Follow Me".