Fatal Secrets
Fatal Secrets
By William Noel

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Mom knows things she shouldn't know. 
Dad's been telling her secrets. But he's dead. 

Award-winning TV journalist Hope Lancaster's career is soaring. The network execs love her. To celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, her husband, Mark, and daughter, Jennifer, 

have joined her in New York-where her cousin, Lisa, died in the World Trade Center attack. But now it's the Lancasters who are about to become ground zero-in both the physical and spiritual realms. 

When Mark and his team of software developers board a flight to Los Angeles, their plane is targeted by terrorists. But how did Hope's mom know-even before the missiles hit? One of the victims, an elder in Hope's church, was a business mogul under investigation for accounting fraud. As she uncovers his dark secrets, Hope wonders, Where is he now? In heaven? Or hell? 

At the same time, strange new sensations are raising hairs on the back of Hope's neck-and questions in her mind about the fate of the dead. In this sequel to Broken River, Shattered Sky, author William Noel weaves a tangled tale into a riveting spiritual thriller that reveals something about the darkness on the other side and the liberating power of the light.