By Paul B. Ricchiuti

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Ellen White walked into human history at the right time with the right message—a message for a world of many changes with men and women trying newfound freedoms. But as the 1800s wore on, people failed to identify with her as a living flesh-and-blood person. In the minds of many she became a sainted statue with a rule book in her hand.

To this day well-meaning but confused persons have too often been responsible for hurtful distortion of a gentle and lovely Christian lady, a true prophet of a loving Father in heaven.

Instead, her life work was intended to point men, women, youth and children to the goodness and truth of the Bible and to the great and good God of the Bible.

This book was written to show a little more of what Ellen White was like—not a superwoman or saint, but a real flesh-and-blood, warm and loving human being.