Cupcake Hill
Cupcake Hill
By Juanita Napoles Romano

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Juanita Napoles Romano spent her first few years in Hawaii. There, while playing on wide, windy, sugar-cane-covered hills, she and her family could look down to green fields below and to the shores of the grand Pacific. 

After discovering that Jesus Christ is coming back to earth, her family decides to share their new faith with relatives in the Philippines. 

The trip to the Philippines proves to be a financial disaster. From the wealth and comfort of Hawaii, Juanita’s family plunges to a three-room native hut in the jungle. There is no running water, and rice must be pounded by hand, using heavy wooden pestles. There is not even a nickel for a ferry ride across the river. 

Yet, the sense that God is with them, and will lead them out of their poverty, prevails. Cupcake Hill is the story of one woman’s spiritual growth. From the exuberance and innocence of childhood, the poverty of young adulthood, and the tragedy of disease, Juanita matures into a woman of hopeful courage.