Childhood Friends of Jesus
Childhood Friends of Jesus
By Inez, Brasier

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If you had lived in Nazareth when Jesus did, your home would not be like the one you live in now. 

Oh, no! 

Your home would have only one room. In the middle of the room would be a pillar that helped to hold up the roof. On one side of this pillar would be a little shelf where the lamp was set. 

There would be no glass in the windows, only shutters that could be closed at night. 

The floor would be mud tramped down hard and smooth. The walls would be white, and there would be a place in the wall where the beds were put away during the daytime! 

This delightful book for younger children will tell the story of Rhoda, David, Joel, and Esther, who lived in houses like this. Children will learn what it was like to live in Nazareth when Jesus did.