Anna and Bent
Anna and Bent
By Bent Axel Larsen

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It was 1927. Excitement ran through the Skodsborg Sanitarium near Copenhagen, Denmark. The great missionary from South America, Fernando Stahl, had arrived on campus.

Anna was thrilled to hear his intriguing mission tales, and she dreamed of going to South America herself as a missionary some day. 

When Elder Stahl asked her to accompany him and his family into the South American mission field, she was astounded--overwhelmed!

She dearly wanted to go, but going meant leaving her beloved fiance, Bent Larsen behind. What should she do?

Follow the Lord's leading, of course, and He worked it out so that eventually both Anna and Bent could serve Him as a team.

This is their story during some of the most exciting days in the great South American field.