And God Cried Out,
And God Cried Out, "Why This Suffering?"
By Jean Sheldon

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Have you ever suffered—physically, mentally, emotionally—or watched someone else suffer and asked, “Why? Why me?” God too asks that question as he beholds the burden of pain under which the earth groans. 

This is the story of a God who did not cause the suffering. A God who, though He hates suffering, allowed it because there was ultimately no other way suffering could end without destroying our freedom. 

But while there is no real and satisfactory reason for suffering, there is a solution to the woes of humanity. If we let God be the Friend to us He longs to be, suffering will still confront us. But with Him, the suffering will be bearable, sometimes even beautiful. You can still walk through deep valleys of anguish, yet you will have Him walking beside you.