Ancient Words, Present Hope: What the Old Testament Teaches Us About Revelation
Ancient Words, Present Hope: What the Old Testament Teaches Us About Revelation
By Kayle de Waal

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When John the Revelator studied the scriptures to learn about Jesus and God’s plan for our world, he read what we know as the Old Testament. So when he tried to understand and explain the visions he received on the island of Patmos, it was natural that he would use its references, symbols and ideas in his letter to the first-century church. 

As such, the Old Testament offers valuable resources for our understanding of the Book of Revelation as 21st-century readers, particularly as it points us anew to Jesus—Revelation’s victorious Lamb and coming King. 

“This book is an amazing blend of scholarly carefulness combined with clarifying simplicity. If you have liked the kinds of things I have written, you will love this book.”—Dr Jon Paulien, Dean of Religion, Loma Linda University 

“Through careful attention to the rich Old Testament background of key words and images of Revelation, Kayle offers readers enriched insights and viewpoints into the Revelation of Jesus Christ. He is to be thanked for sharing these scholarly insights with everyday readers of the Book of Revelation.”—Dr Steven Thompson, Supervisor of Higher Degrees by Research, Avondale College of Higher Education 

“Written with the insights of a keen student, this book also reveals the heart of a pastor. I particularly commend it to those who are not content with a superficial understanding of this intriguing part of the Scriptures.”—Dr Barry Oliver, former president, South Pacific Division 

Kayle de Waal is head of the Avondale Seminary and senior lecturer in New Testament at Avondale College of Higher Education in Cooranbong, Australia. His doctoral studies focused on the Book of Revelation. Kayle has also served the church in South Africa, South Korea and New Zealand. He is married to Charmaine and they have two children.