A Home For Su-lan
A Home For Su-lan
By Margaret Rossiter Thiele

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Su-lan lay on the k’ang under a tattered blanket with her sleeping sisters beside her and baby brother nestled in her arms. She could hear her mother, and her father, a rickshaw man, talking in low tones from the other end of the long k’ang. They were talking about their lack of money for fuel and food. She shuddered as she heard Father say he had arranged to sell one of the children. 

Which one would it be? Then she heard her name. She was the one to be sold—sold as a slave to Fan Tai Tai. 

Who was Fan Tai Tai? What kind of person would she be? Su-lan soon found out. The woman owned a lantern shop. She was wealthy. But she was also cold and cruel. After several terrifying experiences Su-lan decided to run away. 

You won’t be able to lay this book down until you’ve found out how she managed to escape. How she lived undetected for several days in the great railway station in Peking. How she escaped from being kidnapped and returned to Fan Tai Tai. 

You may cry in some places. And you may laugh in others. But you’ll agree with Su-lan that “God have purpose for you; God have purpose for me”.