7 Days to Better Discipline
7 Days to Better Discipline
By Jean Anderson

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Do your kids manipulate you with whines and threats?

Do you stand by, helpless, when your two-year-old throws a temper tantrum or when your teenager gets mad and tears up the house?

Do you find yourself constantly giving in to your kids’ demands, appeasing the little ones with cookies and the older ones with cash, just to keep peace in the family?

When you say No, do your kids keep on with what they were doing as though you hadn’t even spoken?

And do you just sigh and complain about today’s unruly children?

Who’s in charge around your house—you or the kids?“Parents must be in charge in order for their children to grow into mature, responsible men and women,” says Jean Anderson, and she lays out a step-by-step plan that will help you to start turning things around in your home in just one week.